Mathematical biology
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in biologia mathematica doctus sum

About Mathematical Biology

The Mathematical Biology field of study is part of the Experimental Biology study programme at the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University. Students of Mathematical Biology will become experts in the analysis of clinical, biological and environmental data. The teaching is guaranteed by two research institutions of the Masaryk University – IBA MU and RECETOX. This joint cooperation brings a new generation of experts to biological and clinical research: these professionals are not only able to process and analyse data from experiments and studies, but also have a proper educational background needed to interpret these data, and to effectively communicate and cooperate with experts in a given field.

Mathematical biologist

  • A specialist with comprehensive education in mathematics, data analysis and informatics, pertaining to biology and biomedical fields
  • An expert with innovative thinking
  • A professional, capable of analysis and synthesis of knowledge from different disciplines


  • More than 30 specialised courses
  • Elementary and advanced level
  • Modern multimedia classroom

Topics and specialisation

  • Processing and analysis of biologic, genomic and proteomic data;
  • Processing, analysis, and modelling of clinical, physiological, and epidemiological data;
  • Processing, analysis, and modelling of environmental data.

Summer schools

  • Attractive environment
  • Lectures of recognized experts
  • Social programme


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